Mazda Miata Convertible Tops and replacement parts
The Mazda Miata Convertible:
The Mazda Miata convertible is one of the most popular convertibles. The Miata roadster was introduced in 1989. The Miata convertible soft top underwent minor changes in 1999 where the glass window was made available by the factory.
The Miata convertible top market:
The number of Mazda Miata convertibles is so large that the convertible top industry has designed modified (from original) designs as well as precise dealer replacement Miata soft tops.
Our site describes the differences among the Mazda Miata convertible tops. Also detailed are some important installation information that any Miata convertible owner should know.
Mazda Miata/Honda S2000/BMW Z3 Convertible Tops
Our Miata tops are sold primarily in the original "Cabrio" vinyl original to the 3 colors being offered on NA/NB models. Canvas tops for the S2000 all came in black. BMW Z3s came with beige and black tops for the most part, although some models had a light grey top also. Additional colors are also available and can be special ordered.
Factory style tops [AKA 2 piece look]
The Factory Style top is just as the name implies, made in the style of the OEM convertible top. This top will install to your car in the same manner as the original top and you can expect the same quality and look as the OEM top as well. Available in both vinyl, and for a more premium look, cloth as well.
Streamline Convertible Tops [AKA 1 piece look]
Streamline tops by Robbins, are made to the exact pattern of the 2006+ MX-5. This design eliminates the deck seams (front to back seams above the doors) and the rear window panel standard on 90-05 Miatas. This makes for an outstanding looking top that is sleek and smooth. The top incorporates a zipperless window so putting it up and down is no longer a hassle.The top for the 1999-2005 Miata with the hard glass will work on the earlier cars with the addition of straps (provided). The added benefit of this design is there are less processes on the manufacturing side so it is a great value.
The rain rail
The rain rail attaches to the back of the top at the bottom with pop rivets, and then the rain rail bolts to the body of the Miata and acts as the rear anchoring point for the top. The rain rail is a "U" shaped piece of rubberized PVC that directs the water it collects out to drainage holes so the water doesn't get in your interior or trunk (if you are getting water on your rear deck or in your trunk it may be due to a cracked rain rail or plugged drain holes).
Other Mazda Miata Convertible Top parts:
We carry the new improved Miata top hold down cables, Miata top boots, and rain rails.
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